This is the second step to feel at home. Moving to a new place or environment requires for someone to learn and understand a complete new set of rules whilst required to perform and function upon arrival.

A house with a crack on a wall may stay like that for a long time, but if the same house is placed on the bottom of the sea , the pressure will make it collapse.

People usually underestimate the effects that a new place may have on the dynamics of family, work or relationship. The avalanche of events happening at once and requiring extra flexibility can take a toll on anyone. A new place most of the times means to reinvent yourself and get out of a comfort zone. It requires to understand complexity and to advance in ambiguity. Quite a treat!

By learning practical information about a new place, cultural differences, mindset and key themes, families and executives can have a smooth adaptation.

Best of all they learn the process that accompanies any new place and challenge and see it all from a different perspective that enhance their personal development.