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(P) At ORTHOexclusive, children, teens and adults have the chance to benefit from the highest standard oforthodontic treatments.

We are a team of passionate orthodontists, graduates from the René Descartes Paris V University  and The Carol Davila Faculty of Dental  Medicine.  We speak  French, English and Italian.

At ORTHOEXCLUSIVE doctors do their best to elminate the disconfort associated with the dental practice, talking to children about treatment plans,engaging them to cooperate with the help of interactive educational activities about oral care and brushing techniques, including movies and games..

Kindergarden children and school students can benefit from oral care programmes, including free specialist examinations.  Part of a well-defined prevention programme, which includes a bacterial plaque test, a plaque removal session and a professional brushing at no cost, the health of children will be improved.

Our mission is to give you and your family a beautiful smile, without any pain, at the standard of any clinic in Europe or the United States.

Why OrthoExclusive?

We use the latest technology materials and orthodontic appliances, including high tech alloys and resilient wires, temporary anchorage devices and self-ligating brackets, used to provide comfortable treatment, with reduced treatment times, fewer visits and higher quality results.

Full explanation of treatment and feesA full explanation of treatments including treatment options, risks and benefits through interactive video and computer technology as well as printed educational handouts are meant to improve your understanding of proposed treatment.

Professional experience and qualified staff – Dr. Marinela Banica Ciocotisan is a specialist in Orthodontics, dentofacial orthopedics and lingual technique. She has obtained the Diplôme Universitaire Orthodontie Linguale from l’Acadèmie de Paris, Université René Descartes.

Modern sterilization methods – For your and your children’s safety.

????Non-extraction commitment – We are against tooth extraction and strongly believe that preserving primary and permanent teeth, results in a fuller, more natural smile.

Progressive appliances – We make treatments more comfortable for patients, using  the lastest techniques such as SureSmile  which is a revolutionary approach to orthodontics for those who prefer a faster option towards a beautiful, healthy smile.

Patients using SureSmile can have shorter overall treatment time and fewer office visits. This technology uses robots to bend the archwires and this provides smoother movement for a more comfortable experience than traditional braces.

Exquisite laboratory facilities – We decrease waiting time for appliances as well as treatment time because we work with the most advanced dental laboratories in France, Germany and the United States.

Orthognathic Surgery – We treat and correct dental and facial abnormalities to alleviate problems that might impede talking, chewing, breathing or other routine activities.

If you have questions about orthodontic appliances or about any other issues related to the oral health of your child,

please call or write to us!

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