There are several major telephony services providers in Romania that offer different services, and you should shop around to see which one best suits your needs. Before you sign up, read the usage contract for the service you want, so you know exactly how much it costs to make different kinds of calls. Oftentimes landline and mobile phones from different companies are charged differently. Check with your chosen provider for payment options and locations. For any Americans reading this, SIM Card technology is used in mobile phones here; when you buy a subscription or a prepaid service, you will get one for your mobile phone. If you brought your phone from the US, you can usually get an ‘unlock’ code from your US service provider.
Americans who can show proof that they live abroad can oftentimes terminate a standing contract with their US service provider for free!

Romtelecom – rebranded in 2014 as Telekom – is the main landline company in Romania, but recently, other companies have expanded their services in this field, including RCS & RDS and UPC.