A new great place opened in Bucharest. It is called Plastilina (Modeling Clay) and is the ‘sister’ of Acuarela, a similar place opened last year.

Plastilina was opened as a cultural project, aiming to support local art, by displaying works of local artists, either paintings or sculptures, attracting the public with a conventional idea: a pub. Situated in the center of Bucharest, on 8 Olari Street (near Pache Protopopescu Square) in a half ruined house, the place has a beautiful green terrace perfect for nice long evenings with good friends, and looks creative with colorful tables and chairs and many crafted decorations.


Each visitor receives modeling clay (thus the name of the location) and can play with it while waiting for its order. The profit from each order supports young local artists.

Music nights and workshops are also organized. More photos of the place and events here.