In winter especially, plumbing and gas problems are no laughing matter. If you are renting from a homeowner who lives abroad, you will need to have another form of quick, reliable help in non-emergency but urgent plumbing or gas situations. Remember, if you smell natural gas or have an emergency, call 112 immediately.

Holding Instalatii
Address: 4, Int. Barsei, Sector 3
Phone: +40 725 270 737
Plumbing specialists, who can also do air-conditioning and other handyman services. English-speaking secretary. We highly recommend it.

Mr. Coman Mircea
Phone: +40 726 674 800
For non-emergency situations (for example, gas appliance installations).

Mr. Ion Toma
Phone: +40 745 098 110
We can also recommend Mr. Toma, who offers other handyman services in addition to plumbing.

Phone: +40 766 488 925
E-mail: [email protected]