The Bucharest radio spectrum offers stations for every music genre, from rock to alternative to news stations. The Romanian Church even has its own station called ‘Trinity’. If you are looking for traffic information, tune in to Radio Europa FM, which provides information about traffic jams, accidents and radar for Bucharest and the National roads.

A funky station we recommend is Radio Guerrilla. It plays less commercial music, offers some comedy shows and our Romanian colleagues say that it makes their day a little ‘pinker’ (or more colorful)! Below, you will find a variety of stations in English, German and Romanian.

  • BBC: 88 FM (English)
  • KISS FM: 96.1 FM
  • DEUTSCHE WELLE: 88.5 FM (German)
  • EUROPA FM: 106.7 FM (for traffic)
  • GUERRILLA: 94.8 FM
  • MAGIC: 90.8 FM
  • ONE: 100.6 FM