The Romanian state railways company, CFR (National Society of the Romanian Railways) (phone: +40 21-307 79 01; website:, provides reliable and often scenic means of transport to destinations outside Bucharest. You can buy tickets in advance for all trains at the CFR offices (on 10-14 Domnita Anastasia St., +40 21-313 26 44). Visitors departing within 24 hours, however, must buy their tickets at the relevant train station, where queues can be long. Prices are reasonable and first-class tickets are recommended, as the extra comfort is worth the cost. Tickets are checked at the platform entrance, or on the train. However, you should be aware that the homepage or even the information desks sometimes are not reliable. As an alternative, you can visit (German railway company), where you will find European-wide train connections that are available in English. If you find a connection there that is not shown on you can visit also the main railway website which is, or just go to the desk officer and tell him you want your preferred train.

Bucharest Main Train Station

Gara de Nord
Address: 2, Garii de Nord Blvd.
Phone: +40 21 9521

Bucharest’s main station, Gara de Nord, is located three miles from downtown Bucharest and is a major rail centre with daily connections to and from cities throughout Europe and Romania. Facilities in the station include ATM machines, fast-food restaurants, bars, newspaper stands, shops, a tourist agency, pharmacy, supermarket, florist, hair salon, 24-hour luggage storage office and a waiting room for first-class ticket holders. Gara de Nord Station has two halls where same-day tickets can be purchased. For all advance tickets (more than 24 hours before departure) and information, go to the central Agenţie de Voiaj CFR office (10-14 Domniţa Anastasia St., Monday-Friday from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 1:30 pm). A seat reservation is compulsory if you are traveling with an Inter-Rail or Eurail pass. If you book a night train in a sleeping wagon, you have to purchase the tickets in the main hall on the left hand side facing the exit.

To get to town you can take a taxi but make sure that official registration plate is on every side in the middle part of the car. Never take a cab whose driver tries to convince you to take his cab! Always check the rates on the doors of the cars! An efficient solution is to take the metro: you are just one stop away from Piata Victoriei, and the metro station is accessible directly  the train station.