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(P) Rödl & Partner is a worldwide operating auditing, business process outsourcing, tax and legal consulting (including for expats) firm. Furthermore, the company offers to its clients business and informational system-consulting (IT) services.

Founded in 1977 in Nuremberg, Germany, Rödl & Partner has expanded to 91 offices in 40 countries. The company growth has been mainly client-directed. Thus, the location of the new offices meets our client interest. Today, the company benefits from 111 partners worldwide and 3500 people, whom 350 are attorneys or solicitors, 251 chartered accountants and 328 certified tax consultants.

In close collaboration with our clients we develop information for well-founded economic, tax, legal and IT decisions that we implement together – both nationally and internationally.

The Rödl & Partner business philosophy is as distinctive as our approach to clients. Our clients’ problems do not fall into separate, neatly-labelled compartments. Our one-stop concept is based on a balance of expertise across a range of core professional areas, combining them seamlessly, and working in interdisciplinary teams.

Human towers symbolise in a unique way the Rödl & Partner corporate culture. They personify our philosophy of solidarity, balance, courage and team spirit. They stand for the growth that is based on own resources, the growth which has made Rödl & Partner the company we are today. „Força, Equilibri, Valor i Seny“ (strength, equilibrium, valour and common sense) is the Catalan motto of all Castellers, describing their fundamental values very accurately. It is to our liking and also reflects our mentality.