Romanian Post

Many people have asked us where to buy postcards. Aside from street vendors and bookshops, the malls (See Shopping section) are generally a great source to get interesting Romanian postcards. You can also find them in art galleries and several museums (See Arts and Culture section). The gift shop at the People’s Palace for example has a very nice selection. You can also look for them at the post offices; during holidays especially, they will sometimes have special postcards on sale.
The Romanian National Post Office Company is the national operator of the postal service, and is overseen by the Ministry of Communication and Technology and Information,
Check out their webpage if you need to find a postal code or a post office anywhere in Romania (and Bucharest of course). Even though the site is only in Romanian, if you go to “track and trace” on the upper right side, and choose “judet” Bucuresti from the drop down menu, you can find a list of all locations in the city. If you click on “detalii,” an online map will appear showing the exact location of the offices!
If you are not at home when a parcel is delivered, the postman should leave an announcement (aviz) in your mailbox. It’s written by hand on that small, grey and thin piece of paper (that gets lost very easily in between other mailings). On it, you will find the number of the post office where from you can pick up your package or letter. When you do go to pick it up, don’t forget your passport! If you’re expecting a package and haven’t gotten your slip, just go to your regular Post Office to see if it’s there. If you don’t pick up the parcel they (should) send another announcement (called “re-aviz”), usually around 4-6 days later. If you do not pick it up within 10 days, the post charges RON 1 per day.

Sector Postal Offices


 Unit  Address  Phone
 Bucharest IEO EMS 39  Virgiliu St.  +40 21 212 62 64
 CRT Bucharest  6-8 Giulesti St.  +40 21 224 86 40
 Area Postal Office Sector 1  54 Caramfil Nicolae St.  +40 21 232 55 34
 Area Postal Office Sector 2  5-7 Iancului St.  +40 21 250 31 27
 Area Postal Office Sector 3  380-382 Mihai Bravu St.  +40 21 322 36 42
 Area Postal Office Sector 4  188 Oltenitei St.  +40 21 634 49 32
 Area Postal Office Sector 5  1 Libertatii Blvd  +40 21 336 45 06
 Area Postal Office Sector 6  2 Valea Argesului St.  +40 21 444 04 33


The following offices are specialized in sending/receiving packages and mail to/from non-EU countries (Canada, America, Asia etc):


 Unit   Address  Phone
 Bucharest 3  255 Pantelimon St.  +40 21 255 31 40
 Bucharest 6  203 Vacaresti St.  +40 21 330 27 31
 Bucharest 27  1 Valea Ursului St.  +40 21 430 22 58
 Bucharest 41  2 General Vladoianu St.  +40 21 222 41 54
 Bucharest 48  1 Colentina St.  +40 21 242 37 86
 Bucharest 67  39 Virgiliu St.  +40 21 637 31 05