SaladBox was such a great and unexpected discovery in Romania, that I felt it deserved its own review, even if it is not a ‘sit-down’ kind of restaurant that we usually review.

Just before finding out about SaladBox, I realized what unhealthy food choices one has when on the street in Bucharest: lots of pastries, shaormas, meat and fries. These are ok to have once in a while, but there are basically no other options.

SaladBox seems to be the answer to players of people who want to eat healthy – they serve salads in any possible combination of vegetables, seeds, and fried meat. The beauty is that one can make their personalized salad with anything they want.

Prices are good: a five-ingredient salad – anything non-meat – is RON 12 (EUR 2.7), and salads which include meat are some RON 14 (EUR 3.1). They also serve fresh juice, cream soups, and yoghurt with fruits and seeds.

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