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(P) The Bucharest party scene has just received a significant tweak: Smybox is now in town and it comes with a bold promise: all events will from now on be even better looking. What’s Smybox about? It’s a portable photo booth unlike other photo booths. It uses instant photography, but it takes it to another level, creating high-quality images.

It’s all about the WOW effect!

You know all those office parties photos everybody untags themselves from the next day? Or the snaps which get printed onto magnets, which nobody actually puts up on the fridge? They’re now history. Why? We have Smybox to thank for!

What is Smybox?

Smybox is not like the regular photo booths. It’s not just a classic cubicle you cram into for an ID-type photo and it’s not stuck to a single place from which it becomes unmovable. Smybox is a super smart portable photo booth, which drops by all the parties and blends in perfectly with the setting, regardless of its theme.

  • it has a customisable background- it comes with a series of background images manually crafted by the Smybox designers, but adaptable to any situation;
  • it comes with loads of props: moustaches, hats, fake furs, a guitar- so the guests can pose with all the objects one could think of;
  • it’s very easy to use by any guest, with the trusty help of a touch-screen;
  • it can take series of photos or it can be controlled with a remote;
  • it instantly prints the photos on a layout of your choice as high-quality prints;
  • it automatically enhances the photo, so that everybody looks better;
  • you can automatically post the photos on Facebook or Twitter, as it sends them to your email address and then uploads them on a gallery on and you’ll also receive a DVD with the full resolution snaps;
  • it has an integrated smartphone app, on which you can flick through the photos after the event;
  • the Smybox always comes with two Smyboxers which make sure everything is a-okay during the event and that everybody looks smashing;
  • new GIF option available for the 2, 3 and 4 pictures.

From now on, you can bring a Smybox to your party. This is what the Standard Smybox Pack contains, for a three-hour event:

  • Smybox;
  • 2 Smyboxers;
  • The design of the printed photos;
  • A chalkboard shaped like speech-bubbles onto which fun messages can be written;
  • Transportation on a 50 km radius from our office;
  • Photo retouching;
  • Props included;
  • Online gallery.

Smybox will get your guests talking long after the party is over.


(p) – this article is an advertorial