Minds are like parachutes – they function best when they are open

While traveling and relocating more than 6 times in the last 10 years I have met expats coming or leaving, all in different states of mind. Some of them are taking it like a nice summer breeze whilst others are having a hard time, completely lost about their new role, purpose or not being able to be who they are used to be.

However through my work as an Intercultural Consultant I have noticed that one of the first elements to fall in to the “hard way” is to make assumptions.

You will make these assumptions considering certain elements that are not always relevant in your new context; this also applies for any resolutions that you may have taken pre departure.

Setting up the easy way is learning to be ok with accomplishing one task per week, to ease up your timelines and be ready and flexible about reframing your priorities. Sounds easy but requires proactive attitude and to look for professional expertise on the area.

The second so called “enemy” is your brain , in order to cope and understand things , you may lure yourself to think all is fine or worst you won’t realize that actually your brain is working double shifts to process all new info and try to understand the rules of the new game.

Setting up is to accept you have to learn from scratch all that you had for given in your previous location.

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