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(P) Bucharest offers an wonderful intercultural experience for expatriates. Romanians are lovely people with high appreciation for children and family values.  It is a fairly safe city to be in. Bucharest has many beautiful buildings as well!

We carefully selected, valued and catalogued our properties reflecting a high level of comfort.
We understand perfectly that moving abroad is one of the biggest decision a person will make in their life.
Our aim is to minimize your stress and make the move as easy on you as possible!

Starting 2006, Smart Property has a largest integrated real estate practice, providing advisory services to real estate owners, investors and users, including developers and homebuilders, tenants or landlords.

Our Advisory Services

  • Area Orientation

– Accompanied viewings, orientation tour (neighbourhood areas) ,property overview and Everyday living advice
– School Search – Set up of interviews, registration assistance, school comparisons, education consultancy options, special needs options
– Airport/hotel pickup

  • Home Search

– Property listings
– Properties visits
– Lease Negotiation
– Property valuation service
– Inventory check-in
– Lease renewals
– Check out
– Lease Renegotiations
– Home Search

Let us find Your next home in Bucharest!

(p) – this article is an advertorial