There are numerous taxi companies in Bucharest, and they seem to be adding more to the list all the time. While offers vary, prices generally fall into the same range. You should know that the majority of the taxi drivers do not speak English, but they do try to help you most of the time. If you cannott pronounce the address correctly, it is helpful to write it down on a piece of paper to show the driver. Always make sure that the driver turns on the taximeter so you Do notdo not have any unpleasant surprises when reaching your destination. And, you should always ask for the receipt, which can be stamped if you need it for work-related expenses.

Always read the prices posted on the doors of the taxis, so you know exactly what you are getting into, literally! This is important since some companies apply the same tariff in and out of the city, but others charge a higher price for extra-urban trips. The extra-urban tariff is used after passing the Baneasa Airport area, from which point it is considered you have exited the city limits. Because of the traffic, it is very difficult to find a taxi during rush hours (midday and early morning). Another reason is the fact that not many taxi drivers work during this time, most of them choosing to work at night.

Grant Taxi
Phone: +40 21 9433
This company is used especially by hotels in Bucharest, like Howard Johnson Plaza, Marriot Hotel, Rin Grand Hotel etc. for their international guests, as the company has more luxurious cars, such as Mercedes Benz limousines. For its services they require a slightly higher fare than other companies, drivers usually speak or understand English and they accept credit cards and offer receipts with tax deductible stamps. You can also order them to your desired destination in advance, which is a service that is not offered by the other cab companies.

Fly Taxi
Phone: +40 21 9446
E-mail: [email protected]
Although the company also has a city headquarters it is mostly used for “trips” back and forth to Henri Coanda. If you have a lot of luggage, you should not be disappointed.

Meridian Taxi
Phone: +40 21 9444,
+40 21 9888
You can also order cabs online.

Speed Taxi
Phone: +40 21 9477,
+40 21 9488

Taxi Occident
Phone: +40 21 9413

Taxi Pelicanul
Phone: +40 21 9665

Taxi 2000
Phone: +40 21 9494