Address: 10-22 Amzei Street

Phone: +40724 388 686 | +40213 197 257

E-mail: [email protected]


Open: 11:30 – until the last guest leaves

(P) You, tired and hungry traveler, approach the warm light in sight. Yes, the harbor is waiting for you, the place you really missed, or you’ve always been tempted to visit, but you didn’t dare. The Harbour is the place where culinary secrets are taken out from the oceans or collected from around the world and ready to be revealed.
Here in the harbor, senses are delighted and relaxed, and also culinary desires are always fulfilled. And now, more than ever, this is so true because we give you The new Harbour: a new amazing international menu, new design, great and friendly atmosphere. Definitely worth seeing.

In this place, your friends hear about your adventures and fun stories collected from all your travels, accompanied by the most appetizing Romanian wines. Our harbor is where you hardly want to leave, knowing that the next day a new journey awaits you; with a story too good that you will tell over a drink next time.

The passing time has left its mark in style here, and in the last 12 years we welcomed sailors from around the world in Amzei Square in central Bucharest, in the place that separates the Orient from the Occident. About the ambiance… the same patina of time has passed through here, but we forced it just a little bit. Surely you will notice how time has contributed in improving the quality of our dishes whose fame reached far and wide, from the beef on hot plate, oven made duck on cabbage, until plump goose soup or the house’s famous cake which fills any plentiful meal served in harbor.

We want to celebrate with you these 12 years, to show you that the time was kind with us, and we used this time wisely to accumulate more experience and become the professionals you are searching for in a prestigious restaurant. In addition to our dishes that impressed our guests for over a decade, we prepared anniversary surprises, graded 10 points, specially created by our skillful chef.

But you should not take our word for it, come and convince yourself, let’s travel together! Before that, please open and browse through the TripAdvisor Atlas until you find The Harbour page and see what other sailors have said about us. And if you stop in the center of Little Paris and yet you don’t have time to enter the harbor, don’t worry our delicious dishes will come to you via our delivery service!

Here’s The Harbour, the shore for every traveler.

(p) – this article is an advertorial