Many gyms and fitness centers offer yoga classes as part of the membership. But there are still other yoga studios not associated with a gym.


Address: 16, Fabrica de Chibrituri  St, 2nd Fl, ap.5- Autogara Filaret- Carol Parc
Phone: +40 21 336 24 73
+40 722 396 563
A great range of different types of yoga from internationally trained teachers – AshtangaVinyassa (Led and Mysore style), Hatha, Svadhyaya, Yoga Vidya, AcroYoga, Sadhana chakra, plus Vipassana meditation classes and longer workshops organised in Bucharest and the countryside.

Teatrul Rapsodia Romana

Address: 21, Blanari, 2nd floor
Phone: +40 741 019 309
+40 21 340 24 63
Yoga lessons take place in the Ballet Hall. The prices are reasonable at 25 RON for students and seniors, 40 RON for adults and 50 RON per family.

Yoga courses

Address: 8-10, Bratului St.,  interfon 10
Phone: +40 21 318 95 43
A new course of Yogilates with Prof. Carlos L’Abbate (Argentina) is available (Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 pm).