M60, new coffee place open downtown

A new coffee shop and food bar opened this Thursday, next to Amzei Market and Romană Square. M60 opened its doors for coffee connoisseurs and those on the look for genuine tastes. It is located on 2 Mendeleev Street, on the ground floor of the building hosting British Council’s teaching centre, right next to ROD Grocery, also recently opened. In the past two years, Mendeleev Street has been enlivened by other small, but popular places like Camera din față and The Coffee Shop.

The place has professional baristas and its own in-house blends created together with Guido Coffee, local roastery and coffee school. Owners announce that the opening on December 18 is the start of a testing period and that they welcome visitors to share their thoughts on their experience.

During December 18 and 19, from 16:00 to 21:00, M60 also holds a small Christmas fair, hosting brands like Pin G Pong, P U N C H, Oval and Fabrik. Ping Pong Shop is specialized in 20th century European and Romanian decor, furniture and interior design objects. P U N C H is a bookshop with a focus on theory and contemporary practices in art, architecture, design and connected fields. OVAL creates items pending between object, jewelry and adornment, minimalism and vaudeville. Fabrik is an interdisciplinary printing house creating paper objects by blending today’s technology with techniques from the XV century.

Check out updates and more details on the fair here.