Moldova museum ensemble reopens in Iasi

The Palace of Culture in Iasi, hosting the Moldova National Museum Ensemble, is reopening its doors this week. The event marks the end of the restoration works at the Palace of Culture.

The building is the work of architect Ion D. Berindey and blends several architectural styles: neo-gothic, romantic and neo-baroque. It was inaugurated in 1925, by King Ferdinand of Romania, as The Palace of Justice. Starting with 1995 the edifice hosts four museums, gathered as the Moldova National Museum Ensemble: Moldova History Museum, Stefan Procopiu Science and Technics Museum, Moldova Ethnographic Museum, The Art Museum and the Research and Conservation Center for Cultural Patrimony.

The monument has 298 rooms and stands on a 36,000 sqm surface. During the Second World War it served as headquarters for the German and, later, Soviet, troops.

The reopening of the four museums will offer the public the opportunity to visit a series of temporary exhibitions, featuring patrimony items belonging to the Iasi institution, as well as two travelling exhibitions. One comes from the National History Museum in Bucharest and it is titled ‘Ancient gold and silver of Romania’, and the other from the Peles Museum in Sinaia, called ‘Art and ceremony at royal dinners.’
The refurbishment works involved the architecture and historical structures, the conservation and restoration of mural and wood paintings, the restoration of the stained glass, of the stone decorations, ceramics, metal and glass items.

The financing of the works was undertaken in a partnership with Council of Europe Development Bank. The total value of the works performed on site stands at EUR 26 million.

Photo: Ionel Pomana/Wikipedia