Muddy Volcanoes & Buzau Mountains

The Muddy Volcanoes, 12 kilometers from Berca, are a unique natural phenomenon. Gas from 3,000 meters underground pushes water and clay to the surface. The area is full of small cones of mud which look like volcanoes. This area, a spectacular moon-like landscape, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Buzau county.

Follow the signs to “Muddyland” instead of going where the vast majority of tourists go. There you will find much bigger volcanoes without any entrance fee.

The future geo-park ‘Ținutul Buzăului’ (Land of Buzău), covers a area of more than 100,000 hectares, 18 municipalities and around 50,000 inhabitants. It will be located in the Northwest of Buzău exactly at the crossroads of three historical regions of Romania: Transylvania, Moldova and Wallachia. The Southern entrance point will be 130 km from Bucharest and the Northern entrance point 80 km from Brașov, which will make the park attractive for foreign tourists visiting both Bucharest and Transylvania, or passing from Transylvania to the Danube Delta direct via Buzău valley.

Besides the geological phenomena like the Muddy Volcanoes and the Living Fires, the Geopark offers a wide biodiversity and several world-class cultural sites. The triangle created by the Vrancea, Buzău and Covasna counties is one of the wildest regions in both Romania and Europe. An area of more than 3,000 km² without public roads or settlements and with butterflies, bears and wolves as denizens.

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