Portable careers for accompanying partners, creating a new you

With increasing Global mobility and companies opening new markets it is very likely that international assignees bring along an accompanying partner (A.P.)

The journey of the accompanying partner is usually a parallel and different one of the assignee.

Starting with the fact that usually the A.P. has left a job and now has to redefine him or herself as well as going through the process of dueling the old being and embracing a new version of themselves that most likely differs from their expectations.

While the assignee can point directly to goals and accomplishments, the A.P. finds a blurred area where they feel the strain of moving, setting up, socializing and getting things done, but at the same time unable to materialize their accomplishments.

Usually the A.P. feels aimless, confused, lonely and in self-doubt unaware that moving globally is by itself a set of challenges and situations. Most of us think that random things are happening to us, but when understanding the process and effects of cultural shock we are able to understand the structure behind and take a step further to redefine our careers and lives as expats.

The Portable Careers workshops opens a door into living and enjoying the art of living and working globally, understanding that through all the moves and apparent chaos you have gain skills and resilience.

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Ximena Reyes is the Partner and Director for Intercultural Consulting