Restaurant Review: Beer O'Clock

By Richard Fox, guest writer

Beer beer beer! You may say to yourself yet another bar to open in the Old Town, which is a fair observation as the streets are lined with bars and it can be a struggle to point out the differences between them all.

Beer O’Clock manages to create a different feel, in the fact that they only serve beer! This is bound to rule out some party goers. However for those who love beer, and I have to confess I am one, this is a paradise. Offering 135 different bottled beers imported from 7 European countries, it’s a unique place in Bucharest.

The bar was opened a month ago, fitted out in a very simple way. A long wooden bar behind which are large glass fronted chillers housing all that beer, with the drinking area made up of round wooden tables with chairs to match. If you are uncertain of your choice, I would suggest rather than ordering from the menu to have a look in the fridges to see if you find a label you recognise, or to find something that looks interesting. They have enough seating outside on the street terrace for around 40 people, so the ideal spot to sip a cold beer in this heat.

Beer O’Clock is a fantastic find for those who enjoy a beer and enjoy trying something different. Everything is very reasonably priced.

“..we’re only here for the beer..”