Restaurant review: Sunday brunch at the Crowne Plaza

What makes a good brunch? Good food and variety to choose from. At the Sunday Brunch at Crowne Plaza, we found both.

The brunch at the Crowne Plaza features a great variety of starters to choose from- salads and all sorts of raw vegetables to make your own desired mix, to smoked salmon, all sorts of cheese, duck breast, quiche, terrine and seafood. If not enough, there’s also sushi and foie gras. And then, the hot dishes: soups and all kinds of meats (fish, chicken, duck, beef) prepared in various ways, plus lots of side dishes. Let’s not forget the large turkey from which the cook would carve your favorite piece. There was absolutely no way anyone could try everything in the menu and still be able to walk from the table on their two feet.

My favorite was the live cooking station where you can order stir fried vegetables cooked in the wok and/or pasta.

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