Restaurant review: The Artist – for all senses

By Roxana Baicu, guest writer

Located on the edge of Bucharest’s historic center, The Artist offers emotions and unique experiences created by the Dutch chef, Paul Oppenkamp. He plays with modern cooking techniques, revealing flavor, texture and colors in complex recipes. Overall he is adding a new dimension to our culinary experience.

Enjoying a dinner at The Artist reminds me of words from the father of Molecular cuisine, H. Blumenthal: “cooking is about intuition and emotion; about following your instincts, trying things out, having fun. Much of the pleasure of eating comes from the flavors, textures and aromas you coax out of the ingredients, but a lot comes from the memories and associations and nostalgia that food evokes. Great and memorable meals come from somehow tapping into these feelings and capturing them in the food on the table. ”

A dinner at The Artist involves all the senses simultaneously. If you are into creative and experimental molecular cuisine, give The Artist a try. As far as I can think, the place is a highlight in terms of dining in Bucharest.

Foie Gras and Smoked Eel with Red Beet Marshmallow / Brioche, Paired with Lacerta, Muscat Ottonel 2012


Oxtail Tortellini, Parmesan Foam / Mushroom / Truffle / Smoked Salt paired with Domeniile Dealu Mare Urlati, Incantation 2009


Duck Breast Steamed Eggplant / White Soy / Sichuan Pepper / Chili Pears It was paired with Aurelia Visinescu, Anima Syrah 2011


Brie Cheese Parfait Celery / Granola / Fig / Vanilla Paired with Barros, Tawny Porto


72% Dark Chocolate Mousse, Violets / Organic Merlot Tea Forte / White Ganache, Paired with Purcari, Ice Wine, Republic of Moldova


The Artist: Nicolae Tonitza Street, Nr. 13, Historical Center, Bucharest, +40728318871, [email protected]