Finding the best Romania travel guide for your trip

For the experienced traveler, who might have already discovered much of this world, a small gem county like Romania is a must-visit. While many like to discover a country at their own pace, especially those which are already established tourist destinations, those who want to visit Romania might need a bit more preparation. Like any other gem, this one too takes a little work to discover its true beauty, which makes it all the while.

Even before setting foot on Romanian ground, you can do your research to find the right way to discover Romania, suitable for you. Buying a Romania travel guide is probably high on the list of everyone looking to travel here. We’d recommend the City Compass Romania travel guide: it is written by both locals and foreigners who actually live in the country and know their way around (unlike other travel guides where the writer is as much of a visitor as you will be). Not only will you discover the local views and recommendations for cities in Romania to visit, but you will get the inside look into the culture and society. This will help you better enjoy your time in Romania. You can have the hardcopy of the guide delivered anywhere in the world, or instantly download the ebook from Amazon. 

In addition, you could also hire a Romania travel expert to tailor the whole experience for you, so you can decide what to do and what to see in Romania long before coming here, as well as leave some things for the spur of the moment. We recommend these Romania travel experts, who have created from scratch many Romania tours based on the visitors’ interests and wishes.