How to find reliable Romanian daily business news in English

In a world of abounding information about everything, one would think it should be easy to find out essential, day to day information about a country one is interested in investing in, such as Romania. Yet, the abundance of information also means a lot of misinformation, so choosing a reliable source is of the essence. And it also means dedicating a lot of time to finding the right info.

So, how does an investor or foreign CEO figures out what really happens in Romania on a daily basis, without losing too much time? And without the need to speak the local language, and sometimes, without even being there physically all that often.

The solution is to have a daily dose of Romanian daily news in English, put together by reputable journalists – after all, they know the sources and check the news cycle often than anybody else; it’s their job. You could hire a full-time journalist for your company to do this, or, for a fraction of that cost, receive the Romania Daily Press Review in English. A team of professional journalists selects the most important news of the day, in business, social and politics from Romania, and send you brief summaries in English, every morning.

If you prefer to read the main topics on a weekly basis, they also send a weekly bulletin via email every Friday. Either of the bulletins will provide the much-needed batch of Romanian business news in English.

Those interested in more than business news or who are happy spending more time scanning the news can head to, the most read online portal for news and features about Romania.