Romanians and their status symbols

Romanians like their expensive cars, the latest gadgets, having their own houses, affording shopping abroad, but also hold family dear and like to talk about their children’s accomplishments.   Many of these are not unlike status symbols to be found elsewhere in the world, but their combination is uniquely Romanian.

In Romania, the first impression is always important, and a host of status symbols help create that good first impression. Below we list some of the most important status symbols for many Romanians – they either already have them, or strive to one day have them. (these are generalizations, they do apply to many people but not to all – so it is always safe to check, rather than presume, what values a person holds dear).

Expensive cars
Romanians love their cars. But not their old cars! They love new, shiny cars, the latest models, and some would spend a fortune on them. Some actually do spend a fortune on such cars. A trip downtown Bucharest, on Calea Dorobanti or on Dacia boulevard will reveal lots of expensive cars parked near cafes. Luxury cars sell well in Romania, even if, by EU standards, Romania is not a rich country.

Latest gadgets
Romanians are early adopters and the majority love technology (even in the countryside, where access to various amenities is sometimes poor, Romanians still have their mobile phones). So having the latest phone model is a status symbol, and so is being among the first who gets that model. Once everyone has it, it’s time to move to the next.

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