Sergiu Nicolaescu

Sergiu Nicolaescu is among the most prolific Romanian film directors, both before and after the fall of Communism in the country. Best known for having directed and starred in many historic films, Nicolaescu brought to life many important figures from the history of Romania. Some of his most famous films are Mihai Viteazul/ Michael the Brave from 1970, Dacii/Dacians from 1966, also released as Les Guerriers), Razboiul Independenţei/War of Independence in 1977, Mircea, in 1989, Ciuleandra in 1985, as well as for his series of thrillers that take place in the interwar Kingdom of Romania, such as Un comisar acuză/A Police Inspector Calls from 1973. Besides directing the film himself, Nicolaescu starred as the police inspector Tudor Moldovan, whose adventures are depicted in several of his films. Nicolaescu died in January 2013, at 83, after directing 11 more movies in the post communist period. His filmography includes over 40 films.