The whirlwind Vida lake

Spectacular water colors and an unusual development are the trademarks of the Vida Luncasprie lake in Bihor county. What sets the lake apart is the overflow in its middle, creating the impression of a whirlwind.

The lake is actually the accumulating site of a dam, built with a funnel-shaped overflow, meat to prevent the lower the water pressure on the dam in case of heavy rains. The overflow now sits in middle of the lake and gives it its unusual appearance.

The surrounding woods mirror on the lakes six-hectare surface making it change its colors with the seasons. The lake is about two kilometers long, running alongside a forestry road from where the entire scenery can be admired, away from noise, crowds and traffic.

The Vida Gorge is nearby and is also worth a visit. For those with a drive to explore more, the Rosia valley in close vicinity is home to tens of caves, the best-known of which are the Farcu crystals cave and the Meziad cave. The roads nearby are used for off-road sports while the lake is a good destination for fishing.

How to get there: take the E81 and DN76/E79, passing through Ramnicu Valcea, Sibiu and Hunedoara. The route can be checked here.

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